This official update news post is copyrighted by Jagex. It is a direct quote from the Stellar Dawn website.
This update was added on 18 November 2010.

Thank you for your participation. The results were extremely interesting and have now been analysed.

The 5 candidates scoring highest on the test were U1tral33t, Spinosaurus, Marikdebie, Tripsis and Tyrutu. We also thought the entry from St Darko was worthy of further investigation and have decided to award a t-shirt and a beta key for their efforts. We’ll be in touch.

Those worthy of mention and who came close were Leonive, Jalanar, Eskimodude1 & EliteZeon.

The standard of the entries was very high, and we were extremely interested to examine your creative faculties.

If we need you in the future, we’ll let you know.

D.Georgiou & A.Novak

Special Projects Group

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