A Server (or World) is the connection applet which a player must log in to to play the game. Servers are numbered (for example, in RuneScape, there Worlds numbered 1-169). When a player logs in, the server name that he/she is on will be shown on his/her name on the Friends List. Players on the same server are able to see and interact with one another. If a player logs into a RuneScape or FunOrb multi-player server (except for the FunOrb game Dungeon Assault), players will also be able to see that server on Stellar Dawn. Occasionally, a server will be turned offline temporarily for updates or to fix bugs. On a very rare occasion, all the servers will break down, known as a "Server blackout".

Because Stellar Dawn has not yet been released, some parts of this article are based on other Jagex games.

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