A mute is a punishment given to a player by Player Moderators and Jagex Moderators for breaking certain rules. If a player is muted, they will be unable to speak in game for a certain period of time with the exception of using Quick chat. A Player Moderator has the power to issue a 48 hour mute to a player when reporting; only Jagex Moderators have the power to ban a player.

If a player receives an in game mute, they will also be banned from posting on the Forums for the same amount of time. Originally, if a player was banned from the Forums, their in game account would not be affected. However, as of the 11th May 2009, this has changed: a Forum ban will result in an in game mute.

It is worth noting that if a player is muted in any one of Jagex's games, they will be muted in every game.

Permanent MuteEdit

A permanent mute is a punishment given to a Player by a Jagex Moderator for breaking serious rules involving the chatbox. If a player is permanently muted, they will be unable to talk in game or post on the Forums ever. A player can appeal a permanent mute by going to the Appeal an Offence section of any Jagex website. A player can also request to have a permanently muted account reviewed by Jagex staff.

Because Stellar Dawn has not yet been released, some parts of this article are based on other Jagex games.

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